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Staffing for Success
In the Fall 2008 issue of Patterson Today, Dr. Dennis Collins shared how he built his new, state-of-the-art practice. In this issue, we're taking another look at this thriving practice, focusing on what Dr. Collins considers its foundation for success: a united team of associates and staff.
Practice Makes Perfect
A visit to Jennifer and Glenn Glass' rural Alabama practice reveals state-of-the-art dentistry in a well-planned space. Discover how their Patterson team helped transform the tiny practice into a comfortable office for both patients and staff.
Doing More With Less
With Patterson Dental's help, Dr. Monica Lee built the green office of her dreams. Discover how Dr. Lee increased efficiencies with the latest dental technology, while reducing her practice's impact on the environment.
A Family of Thousands
Dr. Kou Vang's practice has changed tenfold since it was featured in the Fall 2000 issue of Patterson Today. In this issue, we're checking in with Dr. Vang to see how his practice has grown to accommodate thousands of patients.
Moving Up the Line
Check out Dr. Craig Williams' new practice, with the latest advancements in technology and a welcoming, spa-like ambience. Williams not only attracted a new associate – he finally created a center for care that met his high standards for dental excellence.