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Better Guides, Better Practices
Is your guide leading you down the right path? Patteron Dental’s Explore Store can help you explore smarter!
Whether you’re looking to analyze your practice performance, educate your patients with ease or automate time-consuming marketing activities, the Explore Store has an app, tool or resource that will guide you in the right direction. Launched in late 2011, the Explore Store continues to expand with additional apps that help practices increase productivity while providing the best possible patient care.



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The Right Guides for Your Practice
You wouldn’t trust just any guide to lead you through a steamy jungle or down a raging river. Are you using the same caution with the guides you select for your practice?
Patterson’s Explore Store apps can help you resolve some of the most common issues faced by dental practices today. Take a closer look at how our apps, tools and resources help practices like yours avoid problems and identify untapped opportunities:
Issue: I want to market my practice and communicate with my patients, but I don’t have time
RevenueWell is a suite of online tools that helps you effortlessly market your practice to new patients and communicate with existing patients. RevenueWell taps into the data housed in your practice management software and helps you create targeted marketing and communications campaigns with little to no effort on your part.
RevenueWell helps you attract new patients and nurture existing patient relationships with:
  • Campaign Manager: Promote your services and bring patients back to your practice for all recommended treatments
  • Appointment Manager: Your patients can request appointments online on your personalized microsite and confirm every appointment via email, SMS and automated voice
  • Reputation Manager: Automatically establish a business profile on key websites and collect and place patient reviews online
  • Referral Manager: Create ready-to-send referral campaigns, configurable referral incentives and invitations to submit a referral
  • Patient Connect: Give your patients 24/7 secure online access to their account information and allow them to pay their bills online via a personalized patient portal
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