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What Learning Curve?
The CEREC AC with Omnicam makes experts out of first-time users
By Dr. Armen Mirzayan
In December 2000, my wife, Dr. Jean Lee-Mirzayan, and I started a from-scratch practice in downtown Los Angeles. Within a year, we purchased CEREC 3 and our office essentially grew into two practices: my wife practiced orthodontics as a general dentist and I focused on CAD/CAM restorative dentistry.



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Since then, I co-founded CERECdoctors.com and joined the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, now known as the Spear Institute, as a faculty member. I have also been a Chief Beta Tester for Sirona’s CEREC System and have served as a Basic and Advanced Trainer for Patterson Dental for more than eight years. I am well-versed in the CEREC learning curve and have assisted thousands of dentists with implementing the technology.
Until recently, though, I had not contemplated teaching my wife how to use CEREC, because I was worried about the tone I take when providing instructions. (As a couple who work together, we have some pre-established guidelines in order to maintain a healthy balance between our work and personal lives.)
With the advent of the CEREC AC with Omnicam, I had an opportunity to test the machine on a novice and gauge the learning curve. My wife agreed and, over the course of several weeks, I demonstrated how to capture optical impressions and displayed the intuitive nature of the software. The process has become so simple that it rivals traditional dentistry to the point where there is really no learning curve.
One particular Thursday, I was out of the office teaching at the Spear Institute, and an emergency patient came in needing a crown on an upper first molar. Rather than turn away the patient, my wife and I communicated by text message about the process and she completed the procedure. (I made sure my spelling and instructions were clearly and positively delivered!)
Taking Off the Training Wheels
Although I wasn’t there in person to oversee her first case with the CEREC AC with Omnicam, I had complete faith in Dr. Lee, as well as the Omnicam system and its ease of use. And we had properly trained staff to assist and deliver the appropriate care.
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