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At the time, because he was just starting out, Dr. Anderson had to be selective regarding his purchases. A trip to the A-dec facility in Newberg, Ore., with the Patterson team provided the opportunity to become familiar with the brand and test-drive a variety of operatory set-ups. Allen and Patterson Dental Equipment Specialist Jack Brown helped the doctor choose several A-dec chairs and stools, and put the rest of his capital into technology like PLANMECA Intra intraoral X-rays and Schick sensors, with Eaglesoft to integrate everything into one practice management system.
In 2007, on the recommendation of Allen, Dr. Anderson started working with Mercer Advisors and taking courses at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. The advice he received reflected his beliefs and gave him confidence in his treatment philosophy. “Imtiaz Manji says always strive for excellence in everything, don’t assume, treat everyone the best and go from there,” Dr. Anderson says.
The following year, Dr. Anderson purchased a CEREC® 3D acquisition unit and milling center. “The reason I invested in CEREC was because I liked the philosophy and science behind it. I saw it was good, sound science,” he says. “I also thought about the patients, who come once and get a crown bonded to their tooth that looks more natural. So I talked to a dentist in town who had CEREC, had him do my crown and I was sold.”



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That investment in one-day restorations led to Dr. Anderson’s expansion into implants in 2009. “When he started up, Dr. Anderson listened very closely … to the advice that he got. He started up in the right place and didn’t waste time with the wrong technical products,” Brown says.
A Showcase for Technology

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