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A unique element of Dr. Garner’s office is the relatively small reception area. Dr. Garner prides her practice on its short wait time for appointments – 10 minutes or less, so there wasn’t a need for a large reception area. "I don’t like making patients wait," Dr. Garner said. "As a patient myself, many times I’ve had to wait over an hour for appointments. I will not do that to my patients."

Patient consultation and education were an important component in Dr. Garner’s new office. The perfect blend of style and function, her consultation room is the ideal space to discuss diagnoses and treatment options with patients. With a stunning curved glass wall and two computer monitors – one for her and one for the patient – Dr. Garner can effortlessly display a chart, digital X-ray or intraoral photograph in EagleSoft and show CAESY videos.

Passion for the best
According to Reyes, Dr. Garner’s passion for providing her patients with the best of everything dentistry offers makes her office truly special. “She’s a very strong, confident and gentle person,” said Reyes. “When you walk in her office, you know you’re in the right place.”

Dr. Garner’s passion for dentistry extends beyond the dental office. She’s involved in several community organizations, including a study group she and two other women founded 10 years ago, called the Women of The Woodlands Dental Study Club. The group started out with only six members, and has grown to over 20 members today. The group meets at least quarterly in one member’s home or practice to discuss topics such as dental procedural techniques, technology and business management. “It’s a nice way to get continuing education and stay current on new trends in dentistry in a very relaxed setting,” Dr. Garner said.

This community involvement has also helped Dr. Garner boost her patient load. “Not only does being involved in the community make you well-rounded, it helps bring in patients, too, because people see you in other walks of life,” she said.

As Dr. Garner reflects on her recent new beginnings, she offers some advice to other doctors who are considering setting up a new office: “You need to find someone you can really trust to help you. Find a great sales representative and equipment specialist.”

She also urges doctors not to settle in their quest for excellence: “If you know what you want, you need to do what you can to achieve that vision.”

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Dr. Garner's consultation room provides a private space to discuss diagnoses and treatment options
In pursuit of maximum patient comfort and excellence in dentistry, Dr. Gina K. Garner equipped her new practice with the latest technology and patient amenities.
Gina K. Garner, DDS, PC, The Woodlands, Texas – Square Feet: 2,251
Planmeca ProOne Digital Panoramic X-ray
A hand-painted poem on the staff lounge wall captures Dr. Garner's vision for excellence.
Because Dr. Garner's patients rarely wait longer than 10 minutes for an appointment, her waiting area is relatively small.
Dr. Garner's state-of-the-art A-dec ICC sterilization center ensures cleaniness and safety.
Gina K. Garner, DDS, PC