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The Technology Differentiator
Dr. Curtis Dunn is making his mark on the Minnesota orthodontic community through the use of cutting-edge equipment and software



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Twenty years ago, Curtis Dunn, DDS, was a new orthodontist joining a large group practice, learning how to efficiently care for a steady flow of patients each day. The equipment and technology available to him was sufficient, but not particularly exciting or revolutionary.
Dr. Dunn had entered the orthodontic profession after switching from electrical engineering, which he felt was too abstract and didn’t involve enough interaction with others. Orthodontics appealed to him because, he says, “there is some technology involved, you own your own business, set your own hours. I like technology, but I like applying it in a setting where I’m working with people.”
When the group practice changed owners, Dr. Dunn left, aspiring to newer and greater treatment resources. He transitioned to a smaller practice in Woodbury, Minn. and partnered with a former classmate. After several years, however, he found himself seeking something different than what the practice could offer.
In 2005, he decided to follow his parents and sister, and move to Maui, Ha., to practice. All signs pointed toward making the move, including finding a practice that needed an orthodontist immediately. Once he moved his wife and children to the island, however, the challenges began with finding appropriate schools and a reasonably priced house. Less than two years later, Dr. Dunn returned to Minnesota and decided to launch his own practice.
Experience Pays Off
Dr. Dunn was exposed to a variety of orthodontic and dental equipment and software while he worked in other practices, and was continually researching and mentally cataloging what worked well and what did not. When he returned from Maui, forming his own practice was a way for him to direct all aspects of patient treatment, including which imaging program to use and which X-ray machines to install.
In 2007, he opened a practice in Woodbury and set about differentiating himself through the use of cutting-edge equipment and technology. There were a handful of other orthodontists in the community, and over four years, Dr. Dunn gradually built a loyal patient base.
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The Technology Differentiator

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