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Vision Realized
A 26-year veteran of the dental field builds his dream practice while experiencing his largest growth to date
In his 26 years of practicing dentistry, Dr. Peter A. Eliopoulos has learned one thing is certain: there’s just something special about technology. He was greatly influenced by the dentist he worked with during dental school, Frank Lasley, DDS. But the feeling – no, the knowledge – that there was something special about technology came about on its own. After 25 years, he took a step closer to quenching that thirst when he opened his dream practice, packed with the technology that has fueled his career.



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It didn’t take long for Dr. Eliopoulos’ gravitation to technology to manifest itself. In fact, in 1992, Dr. Eliopoulos purchased his first Triangle Steri-Center from Patterson, the first dentist to start utilizing the technology in his region. His passion for the evolution of dental technology came easily. “I had such good success at Triangle, I decided to stick with Triangle PLANMECA with our new office,” Dr. Eliopoulos said. “We’ve graduated up to a 10-foot Steri-Center and can process so many more instruments in a larger space while continuing to use the cassette system.”
In August 2011, Dr. Eliopoulos expanded his practice, opening a brand new facility in Chelmsford, Mass. Facing strong opposition from the local zoning board and government, Dr. Eliopoulos weaved the perfect solution to incorporate the city’s guidelines and his own unique style.
Nestled just off the main street in the heart of Chelmsford, Dr. Eliopoulos’ new practice resembles a modern barn with multiple windows and bright white trim. The stunning exterior leads to four different offices inside, which Dr. Eliopoulos shares with family members: a plastic surgeon, two lawyers and an internist.
Favoring a clean look to each room, Dr. Eliopoulos and his wife, Dr. Nano Eliopoulos (who is also a dentist), decorated with colors in earth tones to help bring the exterior warmth into the practice. It’s clear to see the painstaking detail that went into the practice. The dark wood trim complements the office’s warmth and is there to give patients a gender-neutral place to feel at ease. Dr. Eliopoulos has received praise from longtime patients, many of whom agree that the office’s warmth is ever-apparent.
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Four Years in the Making

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